About Me

I didn’t particularly enjoy reading that much as a child, until my brother tossed R. A. Salvatore’s The Crystal Shard at me. That sparked my passion for reading and I toyed with writing a little over the years. After earning an undergrad degree in psychology (what do you do with a psychology degree anyway?), that desire to craft my own stories grew.  

I got serious about writing around 2012, finding a writing group, attending conferences, and waking up every morning two hours early to work on writing. These focused efforts are my attempt to make writing (mainly fantasy adventure novels) my gig, the thing I do. When someone asks me what I do for a living, I would like to answer that I’m a writer. 

I self-published my first* novel,  Rise of Raulet in July of 2015. 

Currently I live in Saint Paul, with my wife, Rachael, and our cat, Pants. When I’m not working, reading, or writing, hanging with friends and family, I enjoy firing up video games, another life-long obsession. 

*Well, okay. Technically my first novel I published was Derian Hettle, but that was a hot mess, before I heard of things called writing groups, and editors. Let's pretend that never happened, shall we?