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Sybell travels to ancestral homelands to rebuild her family's keep and reassert the supremacy of her kind, the Acuri, that dominate the mind; turning people into thralls.  The end of her nomadic existence means those that mercilessly hunt Acuri will find her.

Their role as hunters of Acuri have defined siblings, Jasper and Marget, since birth.  Jasper's only competition has been swallowing up all of the Iacios, the gifted few who can shield them from Acuri.  A southern warlord won't grant Jasper a contract to hunt Acuri without an Iacio.  A young and powerful Iacio arrives in town, but something is stalking her.

Andreu's false brothers burned his family and put him to the sword for murders he didn't commit.  A spirit weaver raises him from the dead, granting a chance at vengeance.  However, the spirit weaver has plans of her own and, should he resist, the spirits of his family are at risk.Four souls vying to recapture a vital part of their identity.  

They begin in isolation, but providence will bear witness to their collision.