Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNo Update

Halfway through November and a fine time to assess the 50,000 word goal proposed by NaNoWriMo enthusiasts. My own battle is a mixed result. Thus far, I have written every day in November. I typically don't clock in on evenings and weekends, and the extra work has piled on the words. However, I'm more on pace for a 30k finish. In order to hit 50k, I would need to write more on the weekends and thus far, I haven't been inspired to whittle away the weekend hours with writing.

That's fine. I can find satisfaction in working harder than usual and hitting 30k. One of the cool things is I know a first-time NaNo participant that is using the structure to finally commit to writing a story that has been existing only in her head now for some time. The premise is fascinating and I for one am looking forward to reading it.

That's the best part about a public event like this and sharing it with others. It can open doors and encourage a person to embark down a creative path they otherwise might not have. And the world could always use more artists.

In other news, I turned in my next story for editing. After I finish NaNo and get that back, I will write a piece on what that is all about. Odds are I will query that bad boy and see what happens.

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