Monday, February 8, 2016

Assassin's Heart

The news didn't surprise my writing group two years ago. One of our members, Sarah Ahiers, had finally landed an agent, the first step in a writer's dream.

Three years of querying three novels, and each one received a high response rate, and the early drafts of  ASSASSIN'S HEART were great. You didn't have to be Nostradamus to predict that her finely woven YA Fantasy tale was going to hit the big time.

Sarah's agent nabbing quickly turned into an auction for her book, which catapulted into a two book deal with HarperTeen. That all happened as a few week blur. The traditional publishing model is a slow-moving behemoth, despite the initial sprint.  She had to wait nearly two years before her book finally launched. The moment has arrived.

Isn't this a gorgeous cover?

I'm excited to read the story in its final form. If you're a fan of YA fantasy, or just fantasy in general, I would recommend this book. Sarah has crafted a rich, vivid, world that serves as the seamless backdrop to her revenge tale (who doesn't like a little revenge story?). Pepper in some romance and humor to round it out, and you have a page-turner.

Check it out here

A little bit of trivia for you: the first title of the book was ALL THAT REMAINS. It got axed after it sold, but still makes an appearance on the cover.

Even if you're not interested in this particular tale, I would keep your eye on her. She's a great writer and pairs that with a strong work ethic. She is sure to produce a wealth of wonderful stories.

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